Administration is the starting and end point of any process in HR. Many do not like this area as it keeps them away from the more creative work but all refer to it. As we all know there is no process nor project within HR that is not complete untill all documentation, signatures and filing is done. Administraton is the beggining and end of all HR processes.

Administrative services we do for you:

  • Labour Contracts
  • Letter of Intention and Anex to Labour Contracts
  • Employee registration
  • Creation and filling out employee documentation for 3rd parties such as banks, embassies and other governmental/official authorities
  • Creation and approvals of documentation related to employee vacation
  • Administration of all employee related documents
  • Creation and administration of employee related databases
  • Administration and ordering of employee related working equipment (computer, desk etc..)
  • Administration and ordering of all offic materials for new/and or current employees
  • Creation and administration of employee termination documents
  • Creation, administration and continual update and of Job Descriptions
  • Reporting

Compensation and Benefits

Simply said salary and beneftis. Always the most sensitive topic in any company. Tool with with employer and employees measure themselves against compentiton and each other and this is a reality that both deem as „most important“ factor. Salary and benefits are the most realiable parameter concerning flacuation within company.

Compensation and Benefits services we do for you:

  • Administration of Payroll (full cycle to salary pay out)
  • Salary Syrveys (full cycle from data entry to final analysis and recommendations)
  • Annual HR Budget preparation and creation
  • Creation, assesment and implementation of variable salary schemes
  • Creation, assesment and impementation of various bonus schemes
  • Position Grading and integration with benefits systems
  • Reporting

Recruitment and Selection

Those who have never profesionaly worked in recruitment  think of this particual area as the most fun and easiest of all. Those who have done it professionaly, know how costly each mistake can be and that sucess is always taken for granted. Having all this in mind, we have decided to give special attention to details in recruitment.

Recruitment and Selection services we do for you:

  • Job Add creation and posting on relevant recruitment pages
  • Review of incoming resumes
  • Creation of test for potential candidates
  • Candidate testing
  • Creation of interview profiling templates
  • Candidate interviews
  • Detailed candidate reference verification
  • Creation of Letter Of Offer and candidate signature
  • Creation and maintenance of resume Data Base
  • Negotiation with agencies
  • Creation of annual recruitment budget
  • Creation of regrutation related KPI’s
  • Creation of Exit Interviews and follow up with exit employees

Training and Development services we do for you:

People say that best way to lean is while working and knowledge gained this way is irreplesable. This is aprolutely true given that knowledge is shared by someone who is an expert in the matter and knowledge is absorbed by somebody who is willing to learn and is open to apply what is given to him/her. Knowledge gained this way will forever remain as solid base of ones work that needs only to be further expanded. To reimain ahead of competition in todays business arena,  reqires a constant and consistent knowledge and skill improvement that will in the long run contribute to companys success.

Training and Development services we do for you:

  • Creation and implementation of company On-Boarding program
  • Creation and implementation of Leadership Competences
  • Creation and implementation of tool for Employee Work Assessment
  • Creation and implementation of Succession Planning
  • Creation and implementation of Talent Management Process
  • Creation and implementation of Individual Career Development Plans
  • Company needs analasys for Training and Developmnt and result presentation
  • Creation of Annual Budget plan for Training and Developement
  • Vendor search and negotiation
  • Tehnical and Operational training organization and support
  • Creation and implementation of training follow up with all employees
  • Team Building
  • Employee Engagement Survey (full cycle)
  • KPI creation and implementation for Training, Development and Reporting
  • Creation and implementation of Suggestion System as per KAIZEN Megthodology

Other HR Related services we do for you:

There are many more responsibilities HR does or is seen as logical process owner . Naturally, that depends on companys corporate culture, but even more on persons ability and willingness to professioanly dedicate himself/herself to this segment.

Other HR  services we do for you:

  • Creation of the company Act of Systematization
  • Creation of Labour Rule Book
  • Creation of Employment Contract
  • Kreiranje dokumenta Ponuda I Anksa ugovora o radu
  • Creation of Signing Offer and Anex of Labour contract
  • Creation of all HR and Internal department procedures
  • Support and leading process of company Mission&Vision and Values creation
  • Support and creation of company organization culture
  • Support in creation of KPI’s for variabile salary components
  • Support in creation of KPI’s for bonus systems
  • Pregovori sa vendorima o beneficijama za zaposlene
  • Negotiations with vendors providing benefits
  • Organization of corporate events
  • Organization of CSR activities
  • Organizacija i vođenje sastanaka sa zaposlenima
  • Organization and support of weekly\monthly employee meetings
  • Internal communication

Office management

People who work in this are are often seen as „knows it all“ of the office. Anyone who has had the privilage to work with these professionals know what we are talking about. Office managers  hold the weight of the entire office and they need to anticipate every need of the company and quicky solve all problems.

Office Management services we do:

  • Purchasing and management of office supplies, refreshments, water, hygene products, etc
  • Management of cleaning and maitenance services
  • Car fleet management
  • Management of company Canteen\Restaurant
  • Management of Coffie Shop\Kithcen
  • Security Serviice Management
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Fire Prevention Management
  • Postal Services Management
  • Management of driving and courier services